What do women want?

I’ll tell you.

Women want men that don’t ask for permission. Women want men that has the balls to take the lead. Women want to be pinned to the wall and taken hard, not cutesy silk sheets and feathers tickling. Women want hairy chests and scruffy, stubbly jaws.

Stop with your shaving and for the love of all that’s holy – do not … ever … shave your chest. Ever. It’s blasphemy. There is nothing greater than gliding my lips across soft chest fur – or fuzz on a mans stomach, for that matter. Men are supposed to be what women are not; Hairy.

Women don’t want to be asked for permission. Ever. Don’t ask if you can kiss her. Don’t even ask if you can do her anally. You can. 90% of the time, she just wont admit to it. Don’t go out and rape someone, have the common sense to tell if it’s a ‘No, I kinda want to, but I’m afraid and if my girlfriends find out, I’ll die of shame’, or a ‘Get the FUCK away from me, creep!’ But that said; There are very, very few women who wont get immensely turned on by a man wanting to fuck her in her ass, he just needs to be alpha enough to show her he -wants- it, and that it -is- happening, and that he wont hurt her…. Much. Cause no hurting at all would be boring. Some hurting is the point.

So please, metrosexual men; Stop with your feeeeling. Stop with your cutesy puppydog eyes, and start growing a pair.


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14 Responses to What do women want?

  1. Racer X says:

    Nicely stated…and quite true.

  2. Racer X says:

    “There are very, very few women who wont get immensely turned on by a man wanting to fuck her in her ass, he just needs to be alpha enough to show her he -wants- it, and that it -is- happening, and that he wont hurt her…. Much. Cause no hurting at all would be boring. Some hurting is the point.”

    Again, quite true. Most women love the idea of getting fucked in the ass. The problem is that most men are too wimpy to try.

    And yes, the mixture of pleasure and pain is intoxicating for most women.

  3. Hu87bk says:

    Disagree with the view that anal is to be enjoyed by most women (the inverse is true). Anal violates the natural state of the male and female copulation (which is procreative and unitive/complementary). Sodomy is actually prohibited in most patriarchal religions and philosophies. Anal is most commonly practiced by liberal men and male feminists since they believe sex to be a recreative activity (no children) and by those who endorse pornography (hypersexualization) or degenerate activities such as BDSM. Besides that, you’re right that female nature wants a dominant man. The problem is that the Western world is modern, feminist and delusional so this sentiment is repressed as much as possible and deemed beyond the pale.

  4. Hu87bk says:

    Anal does not equal dominance. It equals perversion and degeneration.

  5. pon says:

    this guy here when it comes to chesst hair…totally agree with him

  6. dorsey47 says:

    If that is what women want, they have a strange way of expressing it (VAWA). Is feminism a global shit-test?

    • Feminism is an outdated concept, that should have been put to rest many years ago. When I meet one, I have a ball going completely malechauvanist om them, saying for instance, how women should never have been allowed to vote, let alone work, that it all went downhill from there. Obviously, its not my oppinion, but feminism really -is- a pet peeve of mine.

      I think I have an entry coming on shittests… I sure as hell do ’em myself. *hamster in disguise*

      • pon says:

        read an article about simailer to this
        even thgouh women got more rights they still arent happy while those in 3rd world countrys (or restructive) are content
        strange i know but its not bein strong money and work that makes women happy
        but the ol family life does
        feminism is just a social experiment gone wrong and other countrys should fight it and not wind up like us
        if you debate these feminists blogs i think youll make some serious changes than other men could

    • HHH says:

      Feminization has seen to it that in defying its purpose you are identified as being less than a man, but still challenges men to be Men by defying it.

  7. kotoula says:

    Oh wow re Anal and the comments from Hu87bk. I was in a relationship with Iraqi fellow many years ago, and they sure don’t ask if they can have your ass lol. They just start poking around there, and before you know it, it’s in and you’re enjoying it. I remember he said he had family in Denmark, and I wonder if the swarthy Arabic types do well there because the native men are so metro? I’m not saying the Danish men are metro, but it seems that the middle eastern guys do well there with the women, and according to my friend, it’s because they want REAL men.

    Giving women the vote was the beginning of our troubles. Read Heartiste. He explains it better that I can.

  8. userdand says:

    I have to put my two cents in here. I wish anytime someone mentions anal they would also mention lots of lube of some sort. Push that thing into her dry, fast and hard and you may not get another chance and turn her off to something you both may enjoy. Most men are NOT AT ALL AWARE of the importance of lube. They just need a dry dildo, banana or cucumber rammed into them just once to get it. No, I haven’t been there, but I think the comparison is accurate. Men really have NO ACCURATE idea about poper anal technique and thus can cause more pain than pleasure the first time out. I think if I were a woman I would always have my own supply of lube handy in self-defense. You need to give yourself a fair chance to enjoy it if it is what you want too. He won’t mind if you have him wait 5 or 10 seconds as compared to stopping him completely. It’ll be more enjoyable for him too when it comes to deeper, faster, harder….. if it does. If he isn’t concerned about your pleasure, he may be mentally more into raping you than pleasuring you, which has nothing to do with being aloving alpha.

  9. someone else says:

    Please don’t assume that all women share your sexual fetishes. If you enjoy rough sex without being asked for permission and anal sex, that is fine and there is nothing wrong with that, but other women do not necessarily like those things, and they have the right to have their own type of sexuality. Would you like it if a woman who was turned on by something completely different from you said that all women liked what she liked?

    Personally, I’m not attracted to hairy chests or stubble, or dominant men. But I’m still a woman.

    • I know not all women are wired like me, just as not all men are stubbled, hairy and dominant. But I still stand by that the vast majority of women are attracted to men who take control. It’s not about dungeons and flogging, but it’s in our nature to be drawn to men who will lead.

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