… How did I get to this?


You know, I am aware of the fact that I’m a bit extreme in my way of looking at things, compared to some of my fellow women here in Scandinavia. Can be, anyway. 

The last 8 months-ish, I’ve spent a lot of time getting back in touch with myself. What I wanted for my future, what my values are, what kinda man turns me on, what kinda sex I want. What defined me. I left my husband last year, after too many years of indifference. I’ll be damned, if I spend a lifetime in a different shade of grey. So off I went, and the funny thing is that what I am now, came to me very fast. I’ve always been feminine lookwise, always been feminine in how I carry myself, but always had a strong personality too. I’ve always been turned on by men who could take charge, men who matched me in being strong mentally. All this has always been me, but the last 8 months or so, it grew a lot. I’m even more feminine. I’m even stronger. And I’m even more submissive in the company of the right man, than I ever thought possible.

I have a job, where I get my way. I say how I want things, and it happens. I’m spoiled in most aspects of life, and I know it. It hasn’t made me an arrogant bitch, but it’s made me focused, without many filters and a bit hardcore, I guess. I go after the things I desire, I do what I want and I fight for what I believe in, and if people don’t agree – I really don’t give a shit. Did I, as a girl, have wet fantasies of having ‘divorced’ on my resumé at 29? Fuck, no. But screw it. Life’s too short for indifference.

All this take-no-shit-attitude that Ive been told I exude several times, doesn’t mean that I don’t have a softer and more typical feminine side as well. I do. And it’s huge. I’m a huge flirt. I love flirting, it’s my honest oppinion that it makes the world go round a lot smoother, and I hardly think about it anymore when I do it. It’s second nature to me.

But when I meet a man who isn’t phased by the firecracker in me, -then- I get soft. When I meet someone who’s stronger than me, all the strongwilledness completely melts away. I -love- when someone takes charge. The way to my bed is to be dominant. In -and- out of bed. Male chaucvinists can fuck off, cause they’d grow sick of me quickly, but a strong alpha male and I go completely putty in his hands.

My exhusband did not have an alpha in him. It showed over the years when I grew older and wiser of what turns me on and I totally lost respect in him as a man. It’s taken me close to a decade to understand that the reason it didn’t work out, was that he didn’t have enough alpha in him. He backed down one too many times, making me even more bitchy, trying to push him to put me in my place, and somewhere down the line he ended up as my lapdog. I want, no, I -need- someone who can handle me and does -not- back down.

So to make a long story short; All those women who want men who agrees with her when she whines, hoping she’ll put out when they go to bed and the lights are turned off, -please- do go for those men. I highly encourage them doing that.

… Cause that leaves me with the men who don’t agree with me when -I- whine. The men who’ll instead pull me close by my hair, slam me against the kitchen countertop, tell me to shut the fuck up and screw me, just to put me in my place. Bliss.

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18 Responses to … How did I get to this?

  1. Vispilio says:

    where is your picture ?

  2. No where, nor will it be for now. This is still early days, but I think I plan on staying in cognito.

  3. Freaking profound. Including this in one of my upcoming ‘Best of’ posts.

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  5. pon says:

    … Cause that leaves me with the men who don’t agree with me when -I- whine. The men who’ll instead pull me close by my hair, slam me against the kitchen countertop, tell me to shut the fuck up and screw me, just to put me in my place. Bliss.
    …..wow, do u mean that literally?..like keeepin it 1950s(though i personally dont have a problem…since fightin is part of relationship)
    even the beta guys think that..but the thought of prision will scare em not to as well as people hating on him for being aggressive with a woman.(being labeled a woman beater)….curious how the feminists(an regular women and men) think of that comment. we hear alot about being a good passive gentlemen instead of being abusive

    • I -do- mean this litterally.

      Obviously, I did write ‘whine’ for a reason, too. Im not talking about when Im truly upset, Im not into cardboard cutout men who cant handle and deal with me when Im not happy-go-lucky or turned on. But women, myself included, have a way of going into a totally unreasonable state of mind, when there’s a little stupid thing bugging her that she cant put her finger on, thus whining starting. And I really do need someone who’ll tell me; ‘Inside, shut up. Now’, and just give me some rough love.

      Women really are -so- simple. Whining equals a need of affection, love and getting taken.

      • pon says:

        so when truly upset is the time to be supportive but when women get crazy for some unknown reason(maybe going through the cycle) then shut em down with a slap and hard force love(spousal rape as the law will call it)
        i think the current laws and advocates and media is what made these card board cut out beta men that we are today(our dads and prior generation were alpha)
        like they say when a women gets angry , be a man walk away and dont hit(doesnt make sense to me)
        i was told the opposite that you should always fight and never walk away despite what this pro feminst society says(noticed the ones that are willing to fight are the ones still together)but hard though due to the consequnces well face(you make it seem like women want to be controlled)
        when women gained more rights…but along the way we lost something our masculinity
        you should debate feminists and the people that go with the statis quo…its not working

      • No one ever said anything about hitting. It’s not about domestic abuse, honey.

  6. pon says:

    o with the comment about about being slammed on the counter and screwed sounded like it..lil confusin trying to understand that(wanna work on being a stronger man…thats how i found the manosphere…find it confusing on how to please an attract women while bein an alpha male..instead of some pathetic guy bein stepped all over)
    figure u might like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=nW4cU66flCU
    and this article http://www.returnofkings.com/543/american-men-are-fearful-of-their-women

  7. A reassuring position, finally.

  8. Yup men are pussies now a days, i sometimes feel like beating the fuck out of some of them; who knows, maybe they’ll become men by me doing so.

  9. dannyfrom504 says:

    Somebody wants to be spanked. I like spanking a woman.

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