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Blowjobs, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

What better way to spend a friday evening, than getting lost in the wonders of giving head, pardon my french? Mmm? Advertisements

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Nice – and too nice.

Last weekend I was at a dinner, drinks and club thing, mainly with a bunch of people I’ve never met before. One of the┬ápeople there was as direct as I am, and asked me why it didn’t work out with … Continue reading

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What makes masculine?

Femininity and masculinity is of course different accordingly to whom you ask. So I ask you – and please do leave a comment; What is it to you?

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… do you always want, what you can’t have?

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‘Mommy, where do cutesy men come from?’

Screw where babies come from. I’d rather hear where all those fuzzy, cutesy men come from!

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