What makes masculine?

Femininity and masculinity is of course different accordingly to whom you ask. So I ask you – and please do leave a comment; What is it to you?

My reason for wondering about this subject, is due to me being around a man I respect so little as a man. Not as a human being, but as a -man-. For me, I think, masculinity is something undefinable. I can’t place my finger on it. It’s a state of mind, a look in an eye, a way a man carry himself. A calm authorativeness (is that even a word?), and not the measurement around his arms. In fact, men too big, too muscular, on professional bodybuilding level is a turn off to me. I know that it is part of the masculine archtype, but to me it screams ‘cardboard man’. All looks, no brainpower. And even though I ideally, theoretically, don’t want to meet the man of my dreams right now, I’m still gonna want to have fun with all the wrong ones, and that involves being able to carry a conversation beyond ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane’. I just dont get off on dumb men. Intelligence will get a man much farther with me, than huge muscles will. Slyness does it for me every time, too. Not an arrogant prick of course, those I like to take down from their selfmade piedestal with a few carefully chosen statements. But an air of serenity, of understated confidence; Definite turn on. And very, very masculine.

One thing that has surprised me the last months is the age of a man and what will be a turn on to me. 5 yrs ago, no strike that, 1 year ago, a younger man just didn’t do it for me. Didnt see men younger than myself as hot, didn’t see an air of masculinity to them. I’ve always been about men older than myself. That has changed. Never thought it would, so kinda took me by surprise.

What I -don’t- find masculine is … Well, I guess, as un original as it may sound, also a way a man carry himself. Too careful, too little spontanious, the pessimistic type that worries constantly about anything and nothing. If the car will get a scratch, whether or not to bring a sweater due to possible weather change – worrying constantly, debating pros and cons on the most stupid, indifferent little things. Just DO, Goddamnit.

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One Response to What makes masculine?

  1. Fearless says:

    Men are getting softer all over the world it seems. Sexually/socially dominant men are a rare breed indeed, at least there’s Racer X and myself still around. Keep writing, I find it interesting.

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