Biting, and, preferrably, getting bitten.

-Instant- purr. Every time.

It’s two very different things for me, though. Doing and, and being subjected to it.

Doing it is amazing. It’s more a hard nibble, when I do it, though. I don’t hold the bite, increasing strength slowly. I just catch skin between my teeth, enough to not pinch, but to actually bite, without going Lecter on him. The feel of skin between my teeth, or, for that matter, under my nails, is sublime. I just can’t help it in the heat of the moment.

Getting bitten though is an -entirely- other thing. And much, muuuuch better.

The grey area between pleasure and pain is a remarkable place. Everything intensifies, and mixing the endless pleasure, the warmth rippling through me with a firm, hard-ish bite … Just makes me extremely soft.

And an additional bonus about biting is the marks they leave. My skin is pressure-sensitive – directly and clumsily translated from my own language, I’m sure, but basically it means that my skin easily marks, and adding that to a painthreshold that isn’t the lowest of all, and you have marks the next day that will make you smile. Not marbled black-and-blue, I’m not into red hot blazing pain, but hints of him on you. Bearing his marks.

Men, please do remember to bite…

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6 Responses to Biting, and, preferrably, getting bitten.

  1. kotoula says:

    And pull hair. Just grab a handful near the nape of the neck and hold on real firmly. As you come, pull just a little harder… And especially during BJs.

  2. DaddyMonster says:

    “…and you have marks the next day that will make you smile. Not marbled black-and-blue, I’m not into red hot blazing pain, but hints of him on you. Bearing his marks.”

    Only one of the women I’ve been with did not like a tangible reminder of what had been going on the previous night, and the reason for that became obvious pretty damn quickly; she had a boyfriend, and she hadn’t bothered telling me about it. I wasn’t amused.

    • No wonder she didnt like it, huh? :/

      • DaddyMonster says:

        Indeed. Somewhat annoying.

        A more amusing memory is that of a girl I was seeing for a while who had never been bitten before. I bit her, hard, on the back. She was like “WTF! That felt awesome! Please do it again!”

        I obliged her. Most of her back and some other parts of her body were covered in bite marks the next day. I daresay she was a bit of a masochist, and it was rather gratifying for me to be the one with whom she discovered that about herself.

        When she was feeling down, for whatever reason, she seemed to need a bit of pain get through whatever it was that was bringing her down. It was like she needed to get out of her head and back into her body, if you know what I mean.

        Stressed out? “Please bite me…”
        Trouble sleeping? “Please spank me… I need it.”
        Feeling insecure? “I love it when you pin me down completely with your weight. I feel so secure…”

        She was the first girl who said “It hurts so good” to me. Yum.
        She also said “It’s like I dare to be little when I’m with you”. One of my more cherished memories.

        Unfortunately she had too much unprocessed baggage. She _might_ have been a keeper otherwise.

        I really like your blog by the way.

      • Thank you, I’m happy you like it.

        It’s precisely what cutters say, isn’t it? That’s taking it to a whole other level, i know (and one I do -not- condone of, if anyone should be in doubt), but the needing some physical roughness to forget whatever it on one’s mind is amazing. Plus, when in rough times, sex makes you feel closer, more deeply connected to each other. There really isn’t anything to be said for -not- having sex when in a relationsship…

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