Might have been a little AWOL.

… It’s been a little crazy at work. A lot, actually. But am getting back in the swing, and reading up on my fave blogs.

In the mean time, I’ve been smiling a little at the stats page, where I can see from which search terms ppl have found my blog. Some of the funnier ones being;

– ‘bite down blowjob’. …. Biting? No. No, no. No biting!

– ‘brat gives head’ …. -Brat- gives head? O.O

– ‘honest woman giving head’ …. Hmm…

– ‘split tongue blowjob’ … I sense a pattern.

– ‘give a blowjob to my brother’ …. Aaaaalrighty, then… Ahem

– ‘women want to be pinned and fucked’ … Oh, yes, they do. Truly.

– ‘women sitting on womens faces so they can fuck them with there tongues’ … Sounds like it should be a specific genre on spankwire.

– ‘blowjobs are too submissive’ … My God, no, they’re not. Submissive is the point.

– ‘who writes insideawomansmind?’ … šŸ˜‰

And my personal favourites:

-‘stay in mediocre marriage vs get divorced’ & ‘guilt over wanting to leave mediocre marraige one sided’ … Honestly, if there’s just one out there who gained something from my divorce rant, I’m one happy woman. Leaving because a marriage is mediocre, compared to infidelity or domestic abuse or what not, is almost a spoiled reasoning, but it doesnt make it less justified. Life is just too fucking short for mediocre.

But anyway – I think I’m back. *waves to all*

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One Response to Might have been a little AWOL.

  1. kotoula says:

    It doesn’t take long for a mediocre marriage to turn bad. Very bad. Esp if there’s spawn involved.

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