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Looking for Prince Charming! Oh wait … I’m actually not.

The neverending checklist some women have when looking for a partner puzzles me. Advertisements

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Officially grown up!

I’m turning 30 today. Not sure whether to say ‘Ew!’ or ‘yay!’ to that.

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Gave my exhusband red pill advice tonight. (‘Wtf?’, I know)

Just a quick entry from me. Ex met someone new. Apparently, she’s in the middle of a divorce (happened before she met my ex), really likes him, but is in her head a lot, which is quite understandable.

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‘These are a few of my favourite things…’

Top 3 of my favourite places on a man:

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DIY cum.

A man researched, tested and experienced a notable increase in his volume of cum. F*cking priceless. -Had- to link. Men, you simply have to read this! Too much of a good thing is never enough.

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‘What do you want for dinner, darling?’

When I got into my car today after work, the windshield had iced over. I don’t own an icescraper yet, and the deicing fluid thingy didn’t do the trick. So me out with a creditcard, deicing the glass. And I … Continue reading

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Top 3 times it -sucks- to not have a man in the house with me

1. When something electronical breaks.

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