More hair, please.

F*cking yum.

I came across a post over at that I thought I’d send my praises to. Here’s the link;

I have to admit, I’d totally fall for that approach.

Men are -supposed- to be hairy, damnit! It’s masculine and it’s feral, compared to clean shaven men.

If we’re talking hairy to the point of being able to do a herringbone braid down his back, some waxing will definitely be advised. 😉 But a hairy chest, hairy arms, hairy tummy and lots and lots of stubble/proper well kept beard … Big plus. Huge. One of my favourite things to do in this world, is slowly gliding my lips across the endlessly soft fur on a man’s stomach. I could die happy doing that and right now, just thinking about doing it, I can almost feel the velvety feel on my lips.

A beard oozes off -man-, not some frilly, little boy. And it has an aura of authority. It shows personality and provides that edge that is so charming – just like scars do, by the way. A man in a suit is attractive, yes. But perfection is boring. A man in a suit with the tie undone, the first button open and a 5 o clock shade? Divine.

Beard or stubble – definite go. It’s a major turn-on and it provides a wonderful scratch on the inner thigh…

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9 Responses to More hair, please.

  1. Socialkenny says:

    One of my first posts ever was about this same subject.

    Personally, I can’t go 4 days without shaving (face). But at 1 point, I decided to grow my facial hair somewhat. I recalled the seduction coach Paul Janka talking about facial hair and how women find it sexy and that it’s on a primal level also (biological too).

    So that totally made sense.

  2. Rødhætte says:

    I’m soooo with you on this one.
    If you want smooth hairless skin; date a woman.

  3. Young Hunter says:

    My Beard and I thank you for the linkage.

  4. Sis says:

    Love facial hair, I like hairy arms on a man too.

    • Oh yes. Hairy arms is wonderful. When I come across a man with nice, proper hairy arms, I sometimes have to stop myself from just slowly gliding my fingertips across it. So tempting…

  5. DaddyMonster says:

    I love my facial hair. I’m fortunate to have dense and strong facial hair. The downside is that I have to shave (trim and shave my neck) _atleast_ every other day, preferably every day, but meh.

    I use a shaving knife, or a safety razor when I’m in a hurry. Multi-blade implements are for pussies or those who are lazy enough to not learn how to shave properly.
    When I say “pussies”, I mean it figuratively, because safety razors are much better when shaving real pussies.

    I realized a long time ago that many many women like male facial hair. My former girlfriends got really hot and bothered when I shaved my neck and cleaned up the “lines” in front of them.

    One in particular used to ask me if I was going to shave before going to the bathroom in the morning. If I was, she used to ask if she could watch. I used to let her apply the shaving cream. She never dared touch the knife.

    I thought it was really cute little foible; she was like a little girl watching her daddy shave. In a certain sense, I guess I was.

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