Fever, bare bedroom walls, black paint and a brush…


… That’ll be my pasttime while getting better. I’ve been sick lately. Really, really sick. Got very sick very fast, but after a trip to the hospital and strong antibiotics, I’m getting better fast as well. But for the first time in a long time, I’ll take a few days at home to get well, before I trott off to work again. Still feverish and tired and achy.

I’m unbelievably bored and can feel the amateur paint-splatterer (‘artist’ felt too pretencious but a ‘painter’ sounds like someone who paints people’s houses for a living, and I aint that either) starting to stir in me.

My bedroom walls are still bare and the wall above my bed is screaming for a piece. I like to paint directly on my walls. The naked, raw feel of it and should I get tired of what I paint, I can always repaint my walls in white.

Had I not had kids to consider, I’d have found a beautiful, erotic black and white photo and painted on my wall, one like this I posted with this post. But somehow … I’m not sure I’ll go that way with kids in the house.

What do you think, how suggestive can bedroom art go with little ones in the house?

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10 Responses to Fever, bare bedroom walls, black paint and a brush…

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    I think classic art can do well. Google Alphonse mucha “dawn”. Always loved that print. But he did some amazing prints of women. I have his “4 seasons” framed on my wall.

  2. More graphic, like Banksy if we’re not on particular bedroomey art. In bedroom genre, more photographic, black n white, simple lines.

  3. Sis says:

    Sometimes artists use pictures of flowers to secretly draw vaginas. You could also do a tall building or something else phallic shaped.

    • That one is kinda nice, yes, but I doubt my splattering skills will be good enough to do hands. But the feel of it is along what I’m looking for, the simple, ‘clean’ lines of it. Thanks for the suggestion!

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