Top 3 times it -sucks- to not have a man in the house with me

Well, I can’t. And I’m not planning on being able to, either.

1. When something electronical breaks.

TV, DVD, computer, popcorn box (thingy for tv, not an actual popcorn maker), iPhone. Washing machine, drier, fridge. Car. So many things that potentially can break, where superglue wont help one bit. Thus leaving me clueless.

2. When buying IKEA stuff.

Assembling bookcases and dressers just isn’t for me. I’m a people person. I’m brilliant at my job. But I’m -not- a powertool kinda woman. Like, at all. I’m not even a screwdriver kinda gal. I do get unreasonably stubborn from time to time though and last I had a dresser to put together, I fought a brave battle with a small, sharp knife in place of a screwdriver. Cut myself and ruined the knife in the proces of fixating the screws – and didn’t even manage to put the dresser together in the end. Ended up waving the white flag at it and licked my battle wounds with a glass of white wine. Thankfully I have a friend who loves doing IKEA stuff, looks at it like huge puzzles and gets a kick out of doing it. I -know- it’s not rocket science, but sometimes it effing feels like it.

3. When that jar of pickles or salsa wont open.

It’s such a cliché, isn’t it? It used to drive me insane when the jar would win. Now I’ve learned to just leave it until something male, family or friend, walks through my door and have him do it. It’s all about choosing one’s battles, right? 😉

(The lack of spooning I’ll save for another Top 3 list…)

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2 Responses to Top 3 times it -sucks- to not have a man in the house with me

  1. Very nice… I do regular posts on 3 reasons at a time why I Love Women, so appreciate it being done in reverse!

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