‘These are a few of my favourite things…’


Top 3 of my favourite places on a man:

1. The small of his back. I always, always, always had a thing for the lowest of a man’s back. Gliding the tips of my fingers across the back, feeling the middle going in towards the spine. So, so masculine.

2. His arms, from the hairy, more ‘coarse’ skin on his lower arm, to the inside of the upper arm where the skin is really thin and soft and smooth.

3. The stubbled jaw. There has to be stubbles. Always. When me and my ex-husband were to go out for something fancy at evening time, he’d always ask me, ‘Shave or no shave?’ and he’d know my reply. Always ‘no shave’.

4. The hairy chest. The scent alone… *sigh*

5. … And from the chest to the fuzzy tummy and the feel of it against my lips.

6. His hands and the drastic difference between his and mine.

7. His teeth. As in biting. Biting is a must.

8. His scars. They add character, history.

… Oh wait. This was supposed to be a top -3-, wasn’t it? And I didn’t even get to the tongue or the c*ck…

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10 Responses to ‘These are a few of my favourite things…’

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    Yer so naughty. Lol.

  2. Sir Alan says:

    Interesting insight. I wish more women were open about things like this…

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    I already did a post about scars. Oh how you girls love a mans scars.

    Nice list sweetie.

  4. Young Hunter says:

    Love that you post a great NSFW picture, then bleep out cock.

  5. Hamster Tamer says:

    Once again, lovin’ the pic… OTOH, outside of a porn shoot, it’s hard to find a wimminz who actually likes “Reverse Cowgirl”. Understandable, as the resulting angle-o’-thrust leaves Ms. G-Spot rather unstimulated… either that, or they fear I’ll sneak a cell phone pic. 😆

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