Officially grown up!

I’m turning 30 today. Not sure whether to say ‘Ew!’ or ‘yay!’ to that.

Ew to:

– The fine lines under my eyes, that weren’t there when I was 20. I’ve always thought that lines around the eyes were beautiful on women, that it added character, but… Somehow I don’t agree when it’s under -my- eyes.
– Being sick-ish, sitting in bed last night sure as hell -feeling- old and spent, coughing like a mad man. Erm, woman.
– Getting … Well, older. For instance having to cut back on caffeine from afternoon and onwards, to be able to sleep. Wtf? I never had problems sleeping. I curled up and off I went. Feel like a bloody grandmother. And I refuse to drink tea. I only drink tea, if I’m close to dying.

Yay to:

– Growing wiser, softer and so much more gentle and warm.
– Getting called ‘Young lady’ on my Facebook wall in a birthday greet today. Score! 😉
– Receiving the most amazing card with a gift over breakfast. Some of it said ‘We have shared some of each others greatest professional and personal challenges. In both frontiers you are an amazing wingman!’ Litterally said ‘wingman’, not some Danish version of the word. Sat there with wet eyes, smiling from ear to ear.

30. Thirty! … Ah, well. Can’t change it, and I don’t really wanna be the woman who obsesses over her age. Maybe I should become the kind of girl, who never ages beyond 28? Yeah? ‘I’m 28… And some months’. Could work. 😉

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11 Responses to Officially grown up!

  1. John says:

    Happy Birthday young lady!

    30 is not so bad. I wasn’t too happy with 40 though. I lift weights, eat right, sleep well, minimize stress and trying to run my red pill/self improvement plan. I am 51 and wish I knew then what I know now.

    • Aww, thank you!

      And 51 is no age for a man – men get distinguished, women just get old. 😉

    • adiaforon says:

      I think 40 is for men what 30 is for women — the age where you start to pay closer attention to what’s going on around you and within yourself. “Life begins at 40” also comes to mind here, especially for men, for it’s at 40 where you hope that you’ve escaped some of the terrible things that have happened to other men so that you can life the next 20 years of your life more as your own person instead of what someone else wishes you to be.

      Now, if only more Western women would see the pluses in a man over 40, especially one that takes care of himself like you do.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had an enjoyable day and night!

  3. Happy Birthday! I’m not far behind you. I’ve read that women reach their sexual and confidence peak in their 30s, so there’s another thing to look forward to.

  4. dannyfrom504 says:

    Happy berfdae punkin. Enjoy it.

  5. Hamster Tamer says:

    Happy Big 3-0 Viking dottir.

    If you birthed your first child before age 24 (21 even better), you should be good to go for the long-haul… hormonally speaking. If not, a “light dusting” of BHRT will help greatly. It’s your “feminista” friends who put off motherhood until mid-30s (or later!) who will be aging badly, suffer strange body-fat distributions, osteoporosis, high-anxiety pregnancy, gestational diabetes, five-alarm ($300,000+US) medical emergency when baby finally does arrive, lives of BOTH mother and baby in danger, etc… Not to mention having no energy to mother their own young.

    Don’t expect to read about this in any mainstream source. It’s One of The Dirty Big and very Non-PC Secrets of Leftist Feminist Dominant Media Culture. (Not to mention the BioMedical Industrial Complex, aka “BiMIC”, which makes a fortune from IVF and Nancy Grace type “SWPL” pregnancies.) A quick perusal of women you know in real life will show the truth.

    TMI? My bad…

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