A mix of excuses, a tale of my brother and a whine about women.

My 1 year blog anniversary came and went the 14th this month. I’m kneedeep in implementing a new IT-system at work aside from doing my regular job as well, and when I go home to my kids my mind is basicly on ‘off’, hence having been quiet.

Anyhoo, what the f*ck is it with women nowadays?

My older brother is … well, he’s amazing. Yeah, I’m prob biased, but he -is-. He’s in the marine and he’s the best brother I could wish for. Everytime I need a hand with something heavy or I’m stuck somewhere and need to be picked up or whatever jam I’m in, if he’s in town, he’ll be there in right around 30 seconds. He’s tall, wideshouldered, he’s dresses so well and he’s always well groomed. Not in the metrosexual way, but he always smells sooo nice. He’s kind, he’s protective of his woman, he spoils her. He’s just a -good- man.

His girlfriend is a lawyer. Who owns a horse. So, when he’s home from the ship, she comes home at 9 in the evening. As he said, at first when they moved in together, it was sorta romantic meeting up late in the evening, but … It’s getting to the point of not really seeing each other.

Back in late january, my mother took me, my brother and his girl to this amazing hotel for the weekend. And I was … a little shocked to see that my brother, too, had some beta in him. Over dinner, his girl suddenly went ice cold bitchy. Almost didnt talk. Ignored him completely. And he started getting all cutesy … and lapdogged on her.

Because of the stuff I’ve been through, my blog, you guys and finding the Manosphere, this sprang in my eyes. And I thought, ‘That’ll never last. And I -hope- it doesn’t last.’

An imbalance in a relationsship, where one makes all the shots, one has to be the one to give in all the time, is -shit-. Feeling like you’re tiptoing in your own home is draining and f*cking soulkilling. And if it’s like this now, it’ll be -shit- in 10 years.

She comes home late every night, so they don’t see each other much. When they fight, she’s bitchyinsulted for up to 3-4 days sometimes. Recently she suddenly said, she wasn’t sure she wanted kids and she knows my brothers wants one, she always knew, never said she didn’t. And he told she powertrips, that she makes a scene sometimes, just for the scene. That he loves her, but doesn’t want to spend his life on that shit.

I’m all for doing what you want, for not having kids if you don’t want them. But what the hell -happened-? When did women get so f*cking nasty? When did women claim and got the power in relationsships?

I really, really, really don’t ever want to be a woman like that again. I want to be gentle and soft and warm and supportive, to a man who respects and adores and protects me.

My brother is all that to her, and she gives him shit. All her terms. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

(And that was probably my least wellwritten entry ever, but I’m tired, I’m sitting in the darkness before heading to bed, just needed to vent. Sorry for the endless ‘F*ck’ and ‘Shit’-storm. Goodnight guys. One tired woman heading to bed.)

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7 Responses to A mix of excuses, a tale of my brother and a whine about women.

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Someone wrote a really well written article about this. The military trains people to be soldiers, not to be good at civilian life, and especially not to be good when it comes to women.

    Unfortunately, your brother’s girlfriend is taking advantage of it, and your brother is not standing up, being a man, and cutting that bitch out of his life.

    If she’s coming home at 9 PM or later every night because of the horse, what did anyone expect? She’s got a horse, she loves to be in control of a powerful animal. Why would anyone think she’s going to need anything except a STRONG masculine frame to deal with her? If not, she does exactly what she does with the horse, enjoy controlling it.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    brother needs to walk. just sever all ties. that’ll nuke her hamster back to the stone age.

    • Yup.

      Yesterday they had tickets to a concert along with his friends. She came home from the horse and started whining again, being pissy without a reason and complaining she was tired. He told her ‘Go to bed, and I’m going with my friends alone, I dont even want you to come with me. I’ll crash with a friend down there, and youre not coming to the family thing with me tomorrow either.’ (Late birthday brunch for me). I was so proud. 😀

  3. Andrew says:

    Hello from Canada,

    Here’s an advice coming from a man: talk to your brother. You can influence him more than you think, especially if you cater to his pride. Tell him that when he lets her woman disrespect him like that, that’s he’s being a bitch, and he’s taking it up the ass. It’s the truth. Tell him bluntly and honestly; that will shake him up, and he will thank you for it later.

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