Are you an Alpha? Move to Denmark!

This is a quick entry written on my iPhone, from my bed, so if weird phrasing, that is why. (Editing is so much easier with a regular keyboard.)

Long story short:

Three houses up, a woman moved in with her two kids. I discovered a week ago that it was the mother of a boy who is in my biggest son’s daycare.

Today the boys played for the first time, and the mother came down and had coffee. It was clear, she needed to unload and talk to someone who knew where she was at and who had been there.

She asked why me and my ex got divorced. I said ‘Well, at the end of the day, we were just too different. He was too soft, and I was too … I dunno, I think I need a stronger man.’ She just did this: O.O

It turns out, it was the exact same for her. She said some things, that I have phrased the -exact- same way to some of my friends with whom I have talked to, to work through my divorce.

She went on: ‘I just felt like he didn’t have any drive in him. I’d ask him: Isn’t there something you want to do? To learn? Don’t you have any dreams for yourself?’ And no, he didn’t really have that.

I asked my ex the -exact- same. A man without a goal (and apparently, autocorrect thought it was more fitting with ‘a man without a goat’ :P), without fire, without passion for -something-, just … Becomes a robot.

She had to be the father and the mother. She had to be everything and when she met someone at her work, who made things happen, who had drive, were able to make decisions, she slowly ended up having an affair with that man. Husband found out, she quit the affair, couple’s counselling … And it still didn’t work. What makes me lose respect in her soon-to-be exhusband, is that he is using the kids to get to her. Crying in front of them, telling them details that is not for small kids to hear. The daycare had to be heard for the court (cause that’s how grim that divorce got), and they stated that the kids were very affected and knew all too many details. I’m not condoning infidelity, I would leave in a heartbeat if anyone cheated on me, but using it to get the kids’ sympathy is f*cking vile.

Anthoo, my point was: Denmark is in dire need of more Alphas. If you are one and moved here, as soon as you entered the country, it’d be like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just sayin’.

Goodnight America, whereever you are.

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19 Responses to Are you an Alpha? Move to Denmark!

  1. darlingdoll says:

    It’s possible that a man without a goat becomes a robot. Maybe we should do an experiment and give a bunch of beta men goats and see if it helps πŸ˜‰

  2. true beta says:

    it is not easy to be a man in the feminist society.
    besides she married him because there are not many men that are able to take the responsibility for having children.

  3. userdand says:

    Where is that all-you-can-eat muffet? Yeah, that was bad. No apology though. Just sayin’.

  4. KarelDoorman says:

    Somehow I always imagined you living in Norway

  5. The problem both in EU and America, is an Alpha can indeed clean up, because so many betas, but the system is rigged against you, one slip and you are in jail or saddled with debts/kids.

  6. Young Hunter says:

    Is that an ulterior motive I’m sensing?

  7. Navian says:

    OK so does this lack of drive equal making more money? Be honest. If women want men to be passionate about other things besides being a mule, why do so many women nag, bitch and complain when he pursues his passions. Common knowledge among men “women destroy your dreams”. Sure there are women who support the aspirations of their men, even if it is a passion that may not provide more money for her, they are beautiful rare gems. It is women and feminism that is squeezing the passion and creative drive from men. I am free of the manipulative leech that was turning me into robot. When I discover one of those rare beautiful gems, that sweet thing is going to find out what passion, on many levels is.

    • Because so many women want to be in charge. I just read today a woman saying ‘but men are a huge amount of work, too. Good luck with that.’, hinting at the old cliche that men are hard work around the house. Women -make- them hard work, cause they behave and talk to others as if their men are a child.

      Personally, I would rather have my man ears less and love his job than the opposite. I’d never provide for him out of his lazyness, but pulling more weight than him financially over a period of time for him to be able to start his own business for instance, sure.

  8. Hamster Tamer says:

    Denmark is in dire need of more Alphas. If you are one and moved here, as soon as you entered the country, it’d be like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Just sayin’.

    A very blonde German guy I knew decades ago was always saying that about Scandinavia, that the men are wussies, and with my Italian genes and dark hair, I’d “clean up”… and several more… “colorful” metaphors. But he immigrated to the USA as a child, and wasn’t really in touch with the “reality on the ground”; he was just parroting second hand accounts from newer German immigrants.

    Later on I became friends with a TALL Danish dude who didn’t leave Denmark until his early 30s, spent his 20s doing the successful bachelor thing in the trendy part of Copenhagen, etc… and the story HE tells is more in line with Roosh, i.e. dark hair aside, if I went out on the town “lone wolf” in DK, I’d be “dead meat”, Americans are NOT considered “interesting”, that I’d need at least one Danish wingman, and more likely THREE locals, to be social-proofed, and seen as “safe”. πŸ™„

    Holy crap! Yes *some* Danish wimminz are gorgeous, and slender, but that’s quite a high bar, i.e. meet and befriend THREE Danish guys–who are NOT beta cock-blockers–before the approaching and “Alpha peacocking” can even begin? What’s that about? Where’s that Viking-girl courage?

    • I honestly think its a big city thing. I cannot for the life of me imagine an American not considered interesting around here.

      As far as I remember, Roosh also wrote about the nasty little thing we have here called ‘The Jante Law’. Long story short, it boils down to: ‘Don’t believe you’re anything.’

      It’s so far from the American way of thinking, where you make yourself. Some in Denmark will see the – compared to the Jante Dane – cocky, ‘loud’ American as extremely provoking. Some of us, myself included, would see it as a breath of fresh air.

      But yeah, we really are very different in that way, that culture gap is immense, and if you’re a Dane who’s a slave of the Jante Law and like the smallmindedness, a yank would be an arrogant asshole compared. πŸ˜‰

  9. Karl says:

    She’s a dishonest slut.. If she was unhaaaapy, she should just have divorced him first. But she chose to rape her husband’s self-respect. She’s a slut and I hope she dies without the love of her own children.

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