Today is ‘International Women’s Day’.

Or, as we say here ‘Women’s Fighting Day’.


Feminism is a pet peeve of mine. Feminism def achieved some good things back in the day, absolutely. But at some point the movement ought to have retired, laid down their arms and gone home satisfied. But noooooo. Decades later, it’s about attempting to erase the differences between men and women, instead of seeing it as a strength.

‘There isn’t equal pay!’

Well, that, my dear, is because you

a) Either don’t do your job as well as your (male) colleague, or
b) Don’t have the balls to go in to your boss and show him/her why you have earnt your raise.

Feminism anno 2013’s main priority is making women look like men and men act like women. I refuse to participate. Last year on my Facebook, I wrote in my status; ‘To all the women out there who have a man in their life – give him a blowjob. That’s real power, instead of make-believe feministic crap.’ or something alike it.

I’m sick of women getting advantages from the State, from the society and women NOT being thankful! Funnily enough, we (my gender, not me persΓ©, yes?) want a f*cking forced quota on women in Boards of Directors. Suuuure, give me the job because of my -gender-! Not because I’m the best for it, but because I have a p*ssy. How is that wanting to be treated equally? That’s just wanting advantages because of your sex.

Yet… when it comes to doing your national service in the army, it’s a -totally- different scenario. Here all men have to go and draw a number and accordingly to what number you get, you can either draw a ‘free number’ which is basically a get-out-of-army card (you can still enlist if you wish to, which gives you the right to pick where you want to serve), or you get 9 months in the troops that you -have- to serve.

But … there’s no ‘forced’ 9 months for women. They can enlist if they wish to, but you don’t even have to go draw a number. Cause that is -different-. Uhhuh.

It’s not a pick-and-choose thing, damnit! Either be -thankful- for the advantages you get as a woman and don’t make unreasonable demands based on your gender, or shut the f*ck up and do equalism ALL the way. I knot what I’m gonna choose. I smile when a man offers to carry my heavy suitcase down the stairs in a crowded trainstation, I don’t snarl back, that I can do it myself.

Argh. I really hate feministic bullshit.

I’m going away for the weekend with a good friend of mine. We’re going to this little picturesque village and it’ll be time spent looking at a beautiful, angry ocean, drinking wine and just relaxing.

And while the rest of the country is talking about ‘equal rights’, when it’s really about wanting to pussywhip men in order to not feel threatened by them, I’m gonna spend my day housewifing. Doing laundry, packing, grocery shopping in order to be able to make a mean brunch and really good dinner thoughout the weekend. I’ll make tiramisu to bring for dessert, plus make sandwiches for the trip. And there is not a -thing- I’d rather be doing.

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27 Responses to Today is ‘International Women’s Day’.

  1. Ashley says:

    “when it’s really about wanting to pussywhip men in order to not feel threatened by them”

    Do people actually believe that?

    • Then tell me what other purpose feminism has in a country like mine? Im not talking third world countries, but in a society where women have the exact same rights as men – what other purpose is there?

  2. darlingdoll says:

    The hypocrisy surrounding feminism is astounding. What’s killing me is the freaking Google Doodle. I don’t recall there being a Google Doodle ever for International Men’s Day, and I’m searching for one. When you type in International Men’s Day Google Doodle all you get are the Women’s Day Google Doodles…but then we wouldn’t want to celebrate men now would we?

  3. Young Hunter says:

    The idea is nonsense. Though I like darlingdoll’s idea. I personally celebrate being a man daily.

  4. LC says:

    The people in this world who deserve the most praise, applause, and appreciation are those who would never go seek or demand it for themselves.

  5. Mik says:

    You’ve been off the grid again. Looking forward to new entries πŸ™‚

    Best Wishes,

    • I have, I know. I only post when I have something on my heart, as we say here. I’d rather post when I feel strongly about something, than write daily about this and that. I know every big blogger out there would advice against that, though. πŸ˜‰

      Anyway, I’m still here. I’ll be back when there’s something I can’t shut up about. πŸ™‚

      • Mik says:

        Yeah i get ya. To be fair, unless your full time job is online, its actually fairly hard to maintain a blog thats updated daily.

      • Yeah. I thought briefly about calling it a day on the blog, since my time is limited lately and I have some semi-serious things on my plate irl, but I’d rather keep it here and come back when I have renewed strength and something on my heart.

      • Mik says:

        I sure as hell hope you don’t close down this blog. You represent a rare and ultimately, important breed shall we say. Your contents are generally deep and insightful much like JudgyBitch. Keep the flag flying.

        Best Wishes,


      • Thanks. I’ll stay put, but I’ll be gone every now and again.

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  7. Keanu says:

    I friggin love this post.

  8. Fred Astaire says:

    I’ve read just about everything you’ve written on your blog, and if I may I would like make a few observations. When you were describing your ex-husband I could see in your description an image of myself. The love you had for your ex must have been deep and real. They were for my wife and I. The behaviors you attributed to your ex, i.e. becoming too beta-ized, were my behaviors. The arguments you had with your ex, were the arguments I had with my wife. While our marriage survived, I can tell you that for the longest time, I did not understand where my wife was coming from. I loved her deeply and had committed my life to her. When she threatened divorce, I did not know why nor what to do. I fawned over her, lapp dogged her, you name it. I tried everything I could to re-kindle the love that we once had. You can’t imagine the hurt. I was on the verge of losing the only woman I had ever really loved and I didn’t have a clue as to what was going wrong. Fortunately when things looked really bad, and I refused to let her walk all over me, things suddenly, miraculously started to improve. We remain married to this day, but I’ll always remember that lesson of being strong, but in a loving way. (p.s. the sex is now pretty good too)

    In the professional world I now manage a large department, speak me mind about things that need to be said, listen to advice, but I never roll over and play dead for anyone. I like the people I work with, but I love my wife and how I behave in an outside environment is different from how I behave at home. As an ex-soldier (infantry) I was in my share of fights in both bars and in battle against an enemy who was trying to kill me, but all of that was of no use in winning a woman’s heart.

    I just wish this blog and others like it would have been around a bit earlier.

  9. Andrew says:

    Whenever a man says what you say in your article, he’s called a mysogynist pig and a sexist . That’s how they keep feminism alive, by shaming whoever disagrees with them, and the majority of people jump in.

    • Yup. And I’ll gladly discuss it with them, as they can’t brush me off as mysogynist. And if I feel it’s a total lost cause and they aren’t willing to actually discuss different point of views, I’ll go all out and troll them and go ‘Women should never have gotten the right to vote. It all went downhill after that.’ and watch them blow up. Is good fun. πŸ™‚

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