The look in an Alpha’s eyes.


My first encounter with an Alpha since I got divorced, happened about six months back. A friend and I were at our favourite nice bar/live music kinda place, and on my way out, an old school mate suddenly got in front of me, physically blocking my way.

I hadn’t seen him in over 10 years, and he told me to come over and have a drink with him. He didn’t ask, he told, with a genuine smile and warm eyes.

I did, and we sat down on the same side of a round table, across from each other. He was out with a group of male friends, whom I didn’t know any of, and the place was packed, so we sat close, in order to be able to talk over the music. We did some catching up, where he was in life, where I was in life.

And even though I’m a lot softer and warmer now than just a year back, it’s still rare that I meet people who make me almost shy. Through my job I meet and deal with a lot of people, and every now and again I’ll come across someone who intimidates the hell out of me. I was very young when I started in my job compared to my colleagues in the company and over the years I’ve learnt to hide the feeling of being intimidated. I can come across very professional and in control, even though I’m thinking ‘Oh my God, how will I ever land this account?’

Naturally, this transcends into my personal life as well. When I meet new people, I can generally appear unphased on the outside. It’s second nature to me to hold the eye contact, even if intimidated. Not at all as a staring contest and not with an arrogant look in my eye, but with an open smile.

… Until I met this Alpha, that night.

He looked at me in a way that completely made my normal way of reacting to people melt away. It wasn’t a dirty look per sé, but more a look like he could see right through me. Like he knew what I was thinking, and that knowledge made him smile this crooked, secretive smile – exactly like he knew a secret I didn’t. He’d hold the eyecontact with that look, making -me- be the one who broke the eyecontact, literally close to giggling, as I’d look down. It wasn’t -what- he said to me, it was the -way- he said it. And I was stunned and surprised at the fact that he was reducing me to -blushing-, by flirting in such a discrete, yet very clear and immensely powerful way. There were no cheesy pick-up lines. No game. No nothing, aside from a look in his eyes and a smile on his lips as we had our conversation, with pauses in between where he’d just look at me like that… Me doing what I could to hold the eye contact, but being the one breaking every single time, feeling put on the spot in a not unpleasant way at all. I rarely blush, but I could feel myself doing just that.

When I said he didn’t game me though, I wasn’t lying. Telling him I’d go find a cab, he walked me out to it, making sure I found it safely (or hoping he’d get a notch, who knows…), and as we walked down the street, he asked me why I left my ex-husband. Describing why, made him reply with that almost sly smile, that he thought I’d make a good girlfriend. Yup, not very gamey, and at that time the girlfriend-label in itself was enough to scare me off.

But meeting someone so confident borderlining cocky with no added assholeyness or resentness for women, someone so masculine and utterly Alpha was almost intoxicating. Liberating.

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21 Responses to The look in an Alpha’s eyes.

  1. Glenn P says:

    Hey… Great post! My only question is why didn’t you guys go home together??? And no kiss??? Did that comment about making a good girlfriend put you off to him??

  2. Mik says:

    He looked at me in a way that completely made my normal way of reacting to people melt away……. And I was stunned and surprised at the fact that he was reducing me to -blushing-, by flirting in such a discrete, yet very clear and immensely powerful way…. I rarely blush, but I could feel myself doing just that.”

    Funny how you posted a short erotica in a previous post, whereby the lady was being made to blush and get all hot and bothered just by the way her man was looking and speaking to her. All happening in a public setting.

    Please tell me you’re still in contact with him or something?

  3. earl says:

    “He didn’t ask, he told, with a genuine smile and warm eyes.”

    I’ve been actually tested about this before. When I go dancing…I never ask anymore. I smile and hold out my hand to the lady I want to dance with and you can see her eyes light up. Well my dance instructor is the only one who gives me grief about not asking her. I still haven’t but I like to play around with that and make her eventually smile when I still don’t ask her. Remember…not what they say, what they do.

    In fact that smile you are talking about…knowing what women are up to is what brings it out. I have that same smirk whenever she is up to her antics during our private dance lessons. It’s pretty fun actually being in control even though she’s the teacher.

    • There really is something to the illusion of not being given a choice. We all know that we -could- say no if we really wanted to, but the man presuming there isn’t room for a ‘no’ is really attracting when done in a cheeky way.

  4. dannyfrom504 says:

    i’m always amazed at how many women call me “intimidating”. i just don’t get it. lol.

  5. Alpha right up till the end.

    • I’d rather say it was game right up till the end. I do think an Alpha can say that as long as it’s delivered with a smirk, not a groveling look.

      I just texted with him last night, and found myself giggling like a schoolgirl again. We talked about my garden and mowing the lawn and stuff, and he mentioned something that fits with the layout I have, and I asked him ‘… Have you been stalking me? That actually fits my garden.’ and he went, all calm, ‘I have. I’m looking for someone who mows a mean lawn.’ or something. As I thought – someone without confidence would have gone defensive even if he has or not. This one just played it easy. Found that so hot.

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  7. licker says:

    Don´t you think you just thought he was good looking and made up everything else in your head? i´ve seen that happen often.

    • Nope. I see lots of seemingly cute guys, that doesnt attract me, cause they’re a product of feminism. This one was a mile from just another prettyboy. I always say that its not the looks that seals the deal, it’s the attitude. And it really is – for me, anyway. Looks are important, but not crucial.

      • licker says:

        So he was good looking right?

      • Actually no, he’s kinda average. I apologise if I sound arrogant, but guys way more goodlooking has hit on me and never created that reaction in me.

        Hop over to Danny’s blog, if you don’t know it. It’s golden on how to be an Alpha and making attitude the main attraction point.

  8. licker says:

    I´ve read it for a while now, its terrific.

    Anyway i´m very much enjoying your blog also, so i will be around.

    G night!

    • Thank you, nice to have you on board.

      And yes, Danny’s blog is quite unique in terms of being down to earth, jampacked with easily applied techniques and flipping the mindset to red pill. He’s really good.

  9. Anon says:

    Nice post. This directness occurs when we men spot a superb woman whom we want to “embrace” then and there, with none of the frills and due process. Unfortunately these events occur in highly social and public meetings, and the natural progression is stopped for various reasons. If it occurs, nothing like it.

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