Sure. A man would so read that. Right after he painted his nails…

Commercial for a telephone company. Was only watching with half an eye, but basically it showed a couple sitting in a sofa, him reading, didn’t see what she was doing other than sitting in the other end of the couch.

What was he reading, you say? ‘Bake with quinoa’.

‘Bake with quinoa’!

Seriously, is this what they think will arise a desire to buy? Excuse me a second while I laugh. No man, not even in feministic society like Scandinavia, will want to identify with a man reading ‘Bake with quinoa’.

My God, I hate metrosexualism and what feminism has become.

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35 Responses to Sure. A man would so read that. Right after he painted his nails…

  1. darlingdoll says:

    Oh my god seriously? WTF? I have to assume that they’re target feminist women and their idea of what a man (by feminist standards) should be. We have a commercial in the US for 7Up Ten, (maybe you have it too). The whole premise is that the couple never agreed on anything until they drank this soda and now they compromise on everything. The piΓ¨ce de rΓ©sistance? The monster truck his wife let him buy so long as it was pink. Puke.

  2. Most guys are pathetic now. My coworker guy tried to berate me for using the word ‘whore’

  3. earl says:

    “Bake with quinoa”

    I understand only one of those words.

  4. thebigpappy says:

    I know a guy who would be happy to be associated with cooking. His wife despises him, he despises his wife, and he’s unhappy. Their relationship is all about constant fighting and arguing, even when they invite guests to their house. The guy is feminine, and the woman is masculine. Bravo feminism.

    • I think a man cooking is hot as hell. But ‘baking with quinoa’? Not so much!

      And yeah, that’s where I would have ended, or did end probably, with my exhusband. Thank God there’s other ways.

  5. boxsterpaul says:

    You pronounced it wrong…

  6. RojoC says:

    I am man that cooks. And I’ve cooked with quinoa before, hehe. But baking? Nah…

    We use that stuff at our house because it’s supposed to be healthier than rice.

    • Men that cook rock. But men that bake with quinoa? Yeah, not the manliest ever! πŸ˜‰

      • RojoC says:

        Come to think of it, I actually don’t bake. My preferred medium in the culinary arts is the charcoal grill.

      • Is there any other kind of grill? Charcoal is by far the best kind, best taste, best smell. Had mine started today, actually. As I said to my guests; ‘I swear, the whole grillstarter, pouring the white coals into the grill, a huge cloud of orange, firery (firey?) sparks flying everywhere… That is a man’s job. It is just -not- for women.’

        Baking I’ll do, though! Adore baking. Is how I ground myself when I’m stressed.

  7. RojoC says:

    Many people here in the US love their gas propane grills. I think that if I wanted to cook with gas, I’d just go inside the house and use the stove. It’s not the same and it takes the fun out of playing with fire. In addition, I prefer to cook with natural charcoal simply because that’s what I grew up using in my native country. It burns hotter than briquettes but it will not last as long as them. The natural stuff is not as ashy either. (That being said briquettes have their place and I still cook with them too). My preferred method for starting the fire is via chimney starter.

    But enough of that, let me post some candid images from the grill…

    I hope those links work.

    • Oh boy, that last picture… Looks amazing! And you’re absolutely right, part of the charm about grilling is the uncertainty, the elements mucking about – a steady source of gas is outdoor cooking, not grilling. πŸ˜‰ *hides from the crowd she’ll inevitably have insulted*

      Nah, in all seriousness, people should grill on whatever they prefer, but for me, the smell, the feel is by far the best on charcoal grill.

      And I guess what I’m using could be called a chimney starter. It’s the starter device from Weber. Nifty thing, but me and whitehot coals, pouring them from the starter to the grill? I was surprised afterwards I still had my hair. πŸ˜‰

  8. RojoC says:

    That’s the fun part. I dump mind into the grill right before they start to get white (when there is a little white forming over the edges). This way they can pre-heat the grill space ahead of time so that when the time for the meat to be cooked comes, they’ll be perfectly white.

    What did you cook this weekend?

    • Oh yeah, real fun. Hello 800.000 tiny specks of fire! πŸ˜‰

      I made pork tenderloin and sausages on the side. The last is sort of a must when you grill in this country.

      My usual foolproof, yet sooo good is a pork roast with the crackling still on – its the traditional Christmas meal here, but it’s -heaven- when rubbed with salt and pepper and grilled. Serve it with a good salat with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar, hasselbach potatoes (can’t include link, am on mobile, but if you wanna see Google pic will have ’em), homemade butter with lemon and parsley and some kind of homebaked bread – most often a foccacia. I love, love, love to cook.

      • RojoC says:

        Ah, pork tenderloin. I love to prepare mine with garlic and rosemary and olive oil; I keep it simple. It has been a while since I’ve cooked it, but I think I just did high indirect heat 4-5 minutes on each side. I haven’t cooked regularly since almost a year sadly.

        I would be interested in visiting your country (I have a feeling there are tons of cute redhead girls there), but I wonder if I’d fit in correctly.

      • Rosemary is divine and works so well with pork.

        If you’re looking for redheads, you should go to Ireland – they’re basically all redheads over there. πŸ™‚

        Where are you from?

  9. RojoC says:

    Mexico, living in San Francisco USA…everyone thinks I am Italian and people say I don’t look Mexican (which is probably because of my Spanish ancestry). I like girls with pretty brown hair or blonde hair—I love women’s hair in general, but I love the way the red stands out.

    • San Francisco … Lots of hills, home of Full House, red bridge. Think that’s as far as my knowledge goes of SF, I’m afraid. One day I’ll spend three months travelling across the States, always been my dream.

      It’s fun, quite a few have told me about a redhead infatuation. It’s quite common, I think – maybe I should change mine back… πŸ˜›

  10. RojoC says:

    I don’t live in the city proper, but in the surrounding area. I am very glad because the politicians of this area aren’t friendly towards my pastimes. I have to say that I think this is the coolest part of California. I’ve lived in the southern part, and I prefer it up here.

    I have an older and married friend who has natural red hair, so I ask her about those things. She says that people either love it or hate it. It’s clear where I stand. I think it runs in the family, as the woman my grandfather married (my grandmother) used to have red hair back in the day.

    “Change yours back” Are you also part of the club?

    • What are those pastimes?

      I’m strawberry blonde. Used to have it bright red.

      (Sorry for the short reply, waiting for 13 5 year olds to come and celebrate my son’s birthday.)

  11. RojoC says:

    I shoot rifles, pistols, and shotguns. I am well-versed in the subject and I’d say I am fairly competent. However, this is a non politically correct thing, and especially in California. But I don’t care. Skill at arms is something MEN have practiced since the dawn of time. It is part of the traditions of being a man. I wouldn’t be surprised if cavemen had the same pride in ownership and admiration for their bows and spears as I do for my rifles. πŸ™‚ I have some strong opinions about these things, but I’ll save that for another time. (Maybe I’ll ask Danny504 if I can make a guest post some time, since he shoots too). I wonder if this would scare or impress girls in Scandinavia, but not that it matters to me either way. I don’t do this to impress people or anything like that. It’s just a curiosity.

    Strawberry blondes have been know to make my head turn. Then again, I just love a woman’s hair; it’s so fantastic.

    • I’m a bit biased about firearms. On one side, I think they’re fascinating. Masculine as hell. And I’d love to shoot one some time. On the other hand, I find it stupid as f*ck that people have them lying around like it’s just a sharp knife, resulting in kids accidentally killing themselves or others.

      It’s very uncommon here for people to have firearms in their homes. Rifles if they go hunting, but they’re always kept locked away in a container made for it. I’ve never ever seen a gun up close, aside from glancing at a cop and noticing it in his belt.

      But yeah, guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

  12. RojoC says:

    I have a metal safe for mine. I don’t screw around with safety and take it all quite seriously. In fact, I hate that many of my countrymen refer to their guns as “toys” for many reasons including the fact that the word “toy” implies a lack of respect for a lethal tool. I do think there are a lot of idiots out there that shouldn’t have them, but c’est la vie.

    If you ever visit the Bay Area and guns aren’t banned in CA yet, you’re more than welcome to come shoot with me. (I’ve met so many generous people at the gun range, so I try to pay it forward). You can try the infamous AR-15 rifle. Hehehe.

  13. NinaShalinn says:

    I know that this post is from a while ago, but I hapened to stumble upon it just now, and I just wanted to comment, being a scandinavian and all. Ever heard of hipster culture? While there are many, many different variations of it out there, they are so similar that you could say that together they form one of the biggest youth (and not quite so youthful)- cultures in Sweden right now. Popular “hipster” activities includes: Eating vegan food, crafting (like sewing), baking sour-dough bread and (for the males) growing ridiculuously large beards.

    So actually, there are people here in “Feminist-society” Scandinavia (note* scandinavia is actualy a mountain but has come to represent the three countries that is adjasent to it, although they have very differing societies, just sayin’) that would read such a book.

    I find it funny though the difference people make between things: Cooking=OK, baking=NO WAY! They’re basically the same thing. And also: Baking= could be OK, baking with a suspicious and not so ordinary typ of seed= NOT OK!…

    But hey, what do I know about people in scandinavia…

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