The fact, that you guys out there…

… Comes here to read the ramblings I put up every now and then honestly humbles me. But some of you also make me laugh, smile or raise an eyebrow, when seeing -how- you found my little spot, here on the web. So when DarlingDoll over on posted some of her more unusual search terms hits and asked me to post mine … I thought I’d share the (almost) unedited list. Enjoy!

submissive blowjob – Oh yes.
beard trend
too much cum – I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand the concept?kneeling blowjob
lovers back hug
blog, girl who likes blowjobs – Eeerm… *blush*
blowjob kneeling
submissive girl kneeling
burning man blowjob
tongue blowjob
blow jobs by submissives
hug woman sleep
blowjobs how – I sense a pattern, DarlingDoll! Maybe we should set up a how-to blog together? 😛
what is a womans hamster
longest love affair
submissive woman
kneeling to get a blowjob
using tongue blowjob
why does a womans inner
driving blow job
split tongue blowjob – This one creates the oddest mental images, doesn’t it?
making love
brat gives head – O.O
kneeling girl head in hands
bite down blowjob – This one, I’d really advice against.
i love blowjobs
kneeling submissive blowjob
pussy teeth bite – Gently, please.
lingerie blindfold blowjob
passion hug
im a lesbian but i like blowjobs – Honey, can’t blame you. Most of us like ‘em!
rough submissive sex
nice sleep my love
kneeling smiling eyes
man kneeling down to a woman
hands behind the head submissive
romantic sleeping with lover
you want men to fawn over you – No, you really don’t.
the longest love affair
giving head french
french woman giving head
red pill divorce
cute blowjobs – Cute? Never thought about blowjobs being cute. Can they be?
kneeling and giving
hot submissive blowjob
tongue blosjob
“my lips” “your cock”
french tip blowjob
blushing blowjob
let me have it blowjob – I got an awful lot of traffic because of that blowjob entry…
blonde, lips and tongue
lovers sleep
black and white cum
blowjob chair
french blowjob line
giving head
way of submissive man
lips wrapped around my cock as i cum
honest woman giving head – I love the ’honest’ part. 😉
men with beard oscars
submissive man kneeling
tumblr spank
”you’re so vain i bet you think this post is about you dont dont you” – Removed these posts a while ago.
submissive blowjob kneeling
black blow jobs indeed
beard guys on oscar
looking for prince charming
love hug
woman trying change a man quotes
the 2012 oscar men supporting beard
what makes a man masculine
celebrity driving blowjob
blowjob+tongue gay
hamster women
woman kneeling cock
uncensored thoughts senior women blog
black white cum
new beard trend
artistic image of couple hugging in bed
ebony girl lost bet and has to give blowjob – … What?
stay in mediocre marriage vs get divorced
oppinions about giving blowjobs
cumshot still
give a blowjob to my brother
woman longue tongue
love thee cock – Hello Shakespeare! Good to see you here, old chap.
how i love the blow job let me coubt the wats
what makes masculine
getting blowjobs is so powerful
i dont want to be someones prince.
do women like to fucked in the ass – Yes, they do. *gets mauled by the feminists out there*
what you want for dinner darling
she is looking for prince charming
love affair with my bed
happy i left my mediocre marriage – Indeed, I am.
i’m waiting for the charming prince
do blow jobs count – Yes. They do.
powerful blowjobs
girls talk about cum on face
who writes insideawomansmind? – I do! 😛
blowjobs how/
Morehairplease – Someone got the bigger picture.
submissive loves cum on tongue – Oh yes.
submissive tongue cum
how to blowjob
guilt over wanting to leave mediocre marraige one sided
women sitting on womens faces so they can fuck them with there tongues – Sorry, -what-?! Again, very specific!
kneeling down giving head
tongue flicker blowjob
“men with delicate hands” – *shudders*
reality tv french blowjob
is off for a love affair with my bed facebook
i heart blowjobs
longest in bed
state blowjobs
feral blowjob
uncensored woman
i love affair with my bed facebook
sucks to not have]
kneeling submissive woman
men kneeling hands on head
awol reasoning
blowjob lips
submissive passion
submissive kneeling
how do women want to be fucked – Hard. Deep. Passionately. Tender. Gently, but always firm. Everything in between.
kneeling side blowjob
beyond belief blowjob
pleasure from being bitten – Endless pleasure…
uncensored haw i got a girl to have sex with me
my brother wants to become a woman – Well… Fair enough, but I’m not sure I can provide much advice, other than make-up tips…
submissive “in my tummy”
no hamster shit
santa pussies – … *bursts into laughter*
really weird pussies – … Just … what?
uncensored i woke up in a strangers house – I think you may have had a drink or seven too much, then. :/
submissive giving head
hamster womens
looking for my prince charming response
red pill advice for women
hamster man or woman
what do i want for dinner
very young pussy with braids – This is just fucking weird. Really.
bedroom wall too bare
gave red pill advice to my ex
black cum wordpress
what is the longest love affair ever?
blowjob submissive powerful
uncensored wemon
why do women want to poke mens bums – We do?
cum in womans hair
cum black and white
i’m not waiting for prince charming quotes
priceless cum shot
why would my ex look down when we make eye contact
do beards make me less attractive – NO! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NO! It makes you MORE attractive, as long as we’re not talking Amish beard.
sensual thoughts
do women like blowjobs – … You guys sense a pattern, too?
i’m searching charming prince
red pill take ex back
red pill and contacting exes
funny response to prince charming quotes
how to reply what you want for dinner – Might I suggest, you answer with what you’d like to eat? 🙂
black an white cum
never get a woman little
ex husband beta
red pill advice
recent beard trend
nice sleep and love
cum priceless
mmm blowjobs
the new beard trend
wishes for a wo derf woman and boss in her life – The English is strong with this one.
a womans hamsters
woman sucks man
why a re many men having beard during oscar 2013
i’m not looking for prince charming quotes
beard the new trend for 2013
i’m not searching for my prince charming
new trends for beird guys
i prefer men with beards denmark blowjobs
a woman hamsters
beards new trend
why did every guy at the oscars have a beard
the girls who aren’t looking for prince charming
hairy arm across my lips
what kind of pills would my ex husband be taking – Hopefully the red one…
i’m waitning for someone to give me the red pill
hat man pussy
suggestive bedroom art
men with pussies – I hope that’s not litterately!
wtf she caint hold his cum in – … Is it, like, a contest?
fawning over a girl
cum on a windshield
cum lack
french giving head
what woman wants when show her ass
should i let my guy take blowjob pics of me – No. You should not.
i don’t expect him to be prince charming, but …
what do i want for dinner 2013
what do you want for dinner
kneeling woman blowjob
most submissive way to give a blowjob
women want to be pinned and fucked – Oh, so true.
eyes closed blowjob
blowjobshow do you give them
manipulation want blow jobs
i bet you think this post is about you
submissive kneel
blowjobs for me
blowjobs are too submissive – Not. At. All.
most sensual & romantic photos of lovers
romantic bed time
women oppinion cumshot
nice night couple
submissive bj
cum money
driving blowjobs
why do men want to rape women in the ass – Is this where I should give a lecture on rape? No? Yes? Real rape is vile, rapeplay is not. All good?
i ‘ m not looking for the prince, i need
cum too much
blowjobs cum
distancing manosphere
good night couple
نوم حب – Come again?
are you alpha? move to
sleep erotica
hamster woman
blowjob hands tied back


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20 Responses to The fact, that you guys out there…

  1. thebigpappy says:

    نوم حب = Bedroom love

    I came to the right place

  2. darlingdoll says:

    Oh my god, your search terms are hilarious! “cum on a windshield”~ wtf; “mmm blowjobs”~ indeed; submissive “in my tummy”~ bahahah; women sitting on womens faces so they can fuck them with there tongues~ Right?! Very specific. Your answer to how do women want to be fucked? Perfect.

    I think we most definitely need to set up a how to blog. How may posts do you think we can milk out of the topic of blow jobs? (pun intended)

  3. Mik says:

    LMFAO. Its a freaking blowjob bonanza in here. Ive probably only seen like two posts(i think) about blowjobs, but they seem to have made enough of an impression to warrant re-reads and such “searches”.

    Whats more intriguing? Your erotic story posts have no replies on them. But ill bet they’ve been re read plenty of times.

    • I know … I’ve talked about lots of stuff besides blowjobs, but it’s by far the entry giving the most traffic from searches.

      As I just said to a female, close co-worker of mine yesterday, who’s having some issues with her man, ‘Never underestimate the power of a blowjob’.

      • Mik says:

        True. A lot of women talk abt sex openly on their blogs. But, i think the reason yours gets a lot of attention is becos you actually come off as “wholesome”(not that im calling you a slut, lol). And when a nice lady starts talking abt her inner most desires, well, the hits say it all. Haha.

        Btw, the erotic stories, you wrote them?

      • “Wholesome”… What does that mean in this context?

        Thank you for the praise, though. 🙂

        And yes, I did.

  4. theobserver says:

    The title of this blog insideawomansmind is an intriguing metaphor. Being a blog about sex, and specifically about the author’s own sexuality and desires, to me as a man it is totally compelling. What guy doesn’t want to know what women are thinking about sex? By courageously making it about her own particular tastes she is essentially inviting the world inside her sexuality like a woman accepts a man inside her body during sex. She is inviting the world to make love with her by leaving comments on her exposed sexual psyche. Here is my sex, now interact, the intercourse of ideas…bravo!

  5. Mik says:

    Wholesome, as in good clean fun. “Conducive to or promoting moral well-being.” Its probably the way you write. You come off as having good balance i suppose. Does that make any sense to you?

    Also, great erotic stories. Well dones. Write more.

    Best Wishes,

  6. earl says:

    So…you like beards.

    Well I just happen to have one. I also have something else that you’ve searched for quite a bit.

  7. “submissive blowjob
    kneeling blowjob
    blog, girl who likes blowjobs
    blowjob kneeling
    burning man blowjob
    tongue blowjob
    blow jobs by submissives
    blowjobs how
    kneeling to get a blowjob
    using tongue blowjob
    split tongue blowjob – This one creates the oddest mental images, doesn’t it?
    brat gives head
    bite down blowjob – This one, I’d really advice against.
    i love blowjobs
    kneeling submissive blowjob
    lingerie blindfold blowjob
    im a lesbian but i like blowjobs”

    I’m sorry, but I’m just not seeing the pattern here. Could you be more specific?

    “uncensored i woke up in a strangers house”

    Is Ronnie Milsap running loose on Google again?

    uncensored i woke up in a strangers house

  8. cynical optimist says:

    “blowjob chair” ima goin patent that and sell it to IKEA………………………………. flat pack if you dont mind lol

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