So hi!

I’m still here.

God, it’s been a while. I’ve gotten a few mails on how I am, and thought I’d come in and say hi.

I’m good. Actually more than good.

I am -loving- my new job. Dickwad found out pretty quickly that he couldn’t intimidate me (since I was able to be icycool and calm in front of him, and go to pieces only when I came home) and on my second week he changed. He started asking me questions about myself – nothing that crossed the line, but what kinda movies I was into, what kinda food, asked about my home situation. Out of the blue he wanted to provide me with movies, and even though I turned him down, the next morning there was a movie waiting on my desk. Over the coming few weeks, he asked me maybe 10 times, if I’d watched it. He started behaving like a schoolkid wanting to be liked. When the boys next door from the mothercompany, me and Dickwad was talking, he’d make point of telling them he knew me better. ‘Well, Inside def doesn’t like that, you like this-and-that- better, don’t you, Inside? *nudge, nudge*’ There’s been so, so many occasions where I had to concentrate so hard to not laugh out loud at his comments or behavior. And for him to go from being a major dickhead, to sucking up to me has been beyond hilarious. And a great study in human behavior. We’ve reached a point now, where he, as he always has done, bullies everyone he gets near in the mother company, and because of that, I bully him. In front of the boys next door, I’ll rip him a new one, with a sweet smile on my face, and the guys just roars with laughter when I do it. Yup, I have fun at my new job! 🙂

And the added bonus of being in a man’s world with both suits and blue collar’s in the company, is that I walk around being able to smell men all day long. There’s is nothing in this world, like the scent of a man. Men at work. Or freshly showered ones. Do I even need to mention, that I’m walking around with a small smile on my face all damn day?

Life is simple. Uncomplicated. No drama. No fuss. Just work, lot’s of laughing and understated flirting (NOT with Dickwad) and men smelling like men. Can it get any better than that?

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17 Responses to So hi!

  1. TempestTcup says:

    LOL, bullies are easy to bully. There was one where I work and he would throw things on my desk and tell me to do whatever, but I would just remind him that he was in charge of the shop and I was in charge of the office. I would hand whatever back to him.

    Once he tried not taking whatever back, so I dropped it into the trashcan. Pretty soon he was cringingly beta when he asked me for anything. Now, years later, we are fine and treat each other like normal humans, but there was a definite breaking-in period.

    • Yes, it is really interesting to see, how insecure a bully gets, when the normal approach doesn’t work. You can litterally see the cogwheels turning, not knowing how to react. So fun.

      • TempestTcup says:

        Bullies are like kids testing boundaries; if you don’t stamp that behavior out early, they will only get worse. But yeah, I think usually people cave to them, and it confuses them when we stand up to them with a pretty smile on our face!

      • Yeah, that’s the trick when it’s workrelated, isn’t it? To do it with a smile, so you can’t get nailed on being rude, and being nice while insulting someone majorly, confuses Dickwad even more.

        I’ve actually almost called him Dickwad to his face a few times. *cough*

      • TempestTcup says:

        LOL! Mine was “Dave the Pig” and yeah, I came close a couple of times.

      • Did you ever get to do it, as a playful comment?

        I did, today. It felt good. The Danish version of Dickwad is directly translated to ‘Dickface’. I don’t even remember now what the situation was, but I blurted out ‘Oh -come- on, Dickface!’ – his response was ‘Good thing I have a big nose. *wink, wink* see ya tomorrow!’ and he waltzed out.

        He almost fun. But I’ll hate him forever, since he was such a creep at first. But luckily everyone else hates him there, so it’s a joint thing. 😀

      • TempestTcup says:

        No, but I almost referred to him as Dave the Pig to coworkers a few times & probably succeeded a time or two.

  2. earl says:

    I’m starting to like my stink after going to the gym or working hard on something. Women’s perfumes and men’s colognes make me gag.

    • You should! The smell of fresh sweat is divine.

      I like both men’s cologne and women’s perfume, but it really is a thing where quality over quantity is key. I -love- Jean Paul’s Le Male and Giorgio Armani’s Aqua Di Gio for men, and I myself keep returning to DKNY women – and CLEAN’s new Warm Woods is sooo fantastic (insert rude joke). But yeah, it has to be light – drinking it is the wrong way to go. 😉

  3. Peregrine John says:

    Welcome back! Was beginning to worry, especially after that last, very brief entry.

    • Peregrine John says:

      Brief, oy… I can’t make a sane sentence today. Good to see you here again. I’m off to piece my brain together…

  4. snozzcumbers says:

    Awww yiss. You’re back on track 😀

  5. RojoC says:

    Glad to see you’re still around. I remember exchanging a few friendly emails a few months back. I think it was mostly about what Denmark is like or something like that.

  6. darlingdoll says:

    Aww I missed reading your blog! So happy to see a recent post from you 🙂

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