How did you find me?

It’s been almost a year and me posting now is completely impromptu. I haven’t posted in 11 months, but I still get hits. Quite a lot of them. It puzzles me, so here’s me asking to you reading this;

  • Who are you? What’s your story in how you ended up reading about men and women and the game between then?

My story nowadays is the same, same, but different.

I’m still single. Still work in the same company, I was headhunted to. Have been promoted since, so I run it now (hello higher heels, hello more business suits, hello long hours and helloooo to a killer paycheck. Loving it.) But the real difference lies in me.

I have some friends who have known me through all of this. Before I met my exyhusband, when I was married, during my divorce, and now, after my divorce. This november will be my 3 year anniversary in my new house, by the way.

Anyway, those who know me well, say I have gotten so much calmer. So, so much more gentle. My feistyness is almost gone. I’m still very much able to give very fast comebacks that range from icycold to quite dirty, but the side of me that loved to fight (as in a discussion, right, not a physical one) – that’s completely gone. And the fear of getting hurt that I had in abundance right after starting from fresh, is still there, but with endlessly less intensity. This week it dawned on me how less it is now, that to before.

To outsiders … much the same. Like a year ago I live in the same house, I work the same place and I’m still single. To insiders … very different. I like this version. I think this was what I was meant to learn. To wall down and trust. To feel okay with being vulnerable. I’m here now.

This is my story. What’s yours?

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4 Responses to How did you find me?

  1. Rex says:

    Has it been a year (almost)? … I have your blog in my RSS feed. When a new post shows up, I read it. Nothing shows up, your feed entry just sits there, waiting quietly until you post something. The question now is why did I subscribe in the first place. — I would venture a guess that something else I follow had a link you an article on your site; I followed that article, thought it interesting and subscribed via RSS to your site.

    Your site is categorized as “women, best of” … Why I thought it best at the time, I don’t recall.

  2. snozzcumbers says:

    Its actually been a really long time since i checked up on your blog, you stopped updating for a while, i figured it must have been your new job or something. Hope everything’s going alright.

    And oh, i actually came across your blog on one of the manosphere sites, linked you. I think it was on Danny’s, cant remember.

  3. snozzcumbers says:

    Fyi, i used to post here under the name Mik.

  4. stefanlaza says:

    My friend referred this website and your post about moving to Denmark and all the lonely women there. So i stayed and read all your posts .After finishing my bachelor i’ll see how to immigrate to a Scandinavian country. Good posts you should write more 🙂

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