The worst thing to ask a woman



It’s been ages since I went on a date. For a long time, I’ve shyed away from dating and just kept it on a level of “seeing each other”. As in having sex, spooning a little and throwing the guy out before I fall asleep. It’s epic. I get the fun part and I get to wake up alone. Fantastic.

First date I went on after I got divorced was from an online dating site. We talked. Had a glass of wine. Normal chit-chat. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, his eyes changed completely into this manic expression, he leaned in and sort of glided his fingertips down my sideboob and asked the most dreadful of questions; “Can I kiss you?”

Eh, no. Weren’t you on your way out? Buh-bye!

No woman wants to be *asked* if you can kiss her.

This weekend I went on my first date in ages. Same thing. “Can I kiss you?”

I want a confident, strong man who will just kiss me and not ask for a written consent first. I swear it’s the least sexy thing in the world, just after men who can’t hold eyecontact.

Don’t ever ask for approval to kiss a woman. Just do it. Asking spoils the mood completely and puts the woman in charge. We run the world, we don’t want to run the pace between the sheets.

/Not sponsored by Nike.

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